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An ad I made for fun. This was not sponsored by CRRJU. Equipment: Sony a6300 | Tamron FE 35mm f/2.8 | DaVinci Resolve Song: Music by Stock Studio from Pixabay (Modern Hip Hop Upbeat)

A promo video for the Bethlehem Christian School Panthers.

This was a promotional video I made for my church which shows a few testimonies and footage of the LEAP program.

This is a testimony video I worked on for LEAP. This was shown to the LEAP staff during a training session.

This was a video I made for my church showing some of the highlights earlier this year in Fight Club, an adult discipleship class.

This was my first full video I did for my experimental video class. It is just a music video.

This was my second video I did for my experimental video class. We were required to have a plot using only ten shots.

This was my third video I did for my experimental video class. We needed to commission a music artist to make a poetry video on our views of love, loss, and God.

My fourth and final experimental video piece. This took the  longest. We could make anything we wanted as long as it had a plot.

Special thanks to Jonathan Steinfort for letting me use this poem.

For my drone cinematography class, we needed to make a drone demo reel for our final project.

This was a special announcement video I edited for my church promoting Boxes of Love. Some parts were recorded by me as well.

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