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LEAP 2021

This was a promo video I made for my church. All video and some photos were taken by me. All edited in Premiere Pro.

Jenn's Testimony

This was a video shown to the LEAP staff during the training session. All footage is my own and edited in Premiere Pro.

Praise from the Blind

For one of my classes I made a poetry film. The poem was provided by a friend. Edited in Premiere Pro and filmed on iPhone 6s and Sony a6300.



This piece was made possible with Photoshop and photographing my sister when we were much younger. The vignette is a picture of a viewmaster eye-port. My piece can also be seen here.


=< P R E S S  S T A R T >=

Some paper texture was added to this. These pictures were by:

Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on ""



I was tasked with coming up with a layout for this church's annual report. The entire layout can be seen here.



This piece was influenced by how I was feeling at the time while working on this. Photos and photomanipulation done by me with a Canon 80D and Adobe Photoshop.

Struggle for a Reverie

This was a project I worked on for an experimental video class. Shot on iPhone 6s and Sony NX70 and edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Mountain Dew Ad

This is a mock ad I created in After Effects. More of my motion graphics made in After Effects can be viewed here.

Fight Club Chapter One

This was a promo video for the first chapter of the adult discipleship program "Fight Club". All footage and most photos are my own and edited in Premiere Pro.

Want to see more Design, Video, or Photoshop magic?

Feel free to look around and see where the links take you!

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